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Stay on track with Tickety Toc

I can't believe October is almost over & November has arrived, this year has gone by so fast! Since fall has arrived it's time to fall back & loose an hour! My children's favorite characters Tommy & Tallulah from Tickety Toc have a special announcement to help you stay on track this weekend!

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Congrats to all of the winners & thanks to everyone who entered!

Therafit: Michelle T

Okiedog: Natasha 

Agnitus: Geraldine K

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Popcorn Popper Review and Giveaway

In my house, one of my children's favorite go to snacks is popcorn, they love making it, listening to it pop & enjoying that crunch while eating it! Popcorn is a fun & easy snack, available in a variety of flavors, it makes a perfect afternoon snack or grab a bowl during family move night, either way, popcorn is a snack we can't resist!

I was recently introduced to Popcorn Popper, a company that sells gourmet popcorn, poppers, accessories, even delicious gift sets! Popcorn Popper only carries the finest popping corn, straight from Wabash Valley Farms, they even offer Popping Kits so you have everything you need to make great popcorn at home!

After browsing their yummy looking selection of popcorn, poppers & seasonings, I chose the Simply Sweet Starter Pack! For a price of $32.99, your pack will include an Original Whirley Pop, 2 Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn All Inclusive Popping Kits as well as a Sweet Seasonings Sampler (Sweet Cinnamon & Peppermint Twist).

I couldn't wait to create my own popcorn with the kids, instructions are provided & it was super easy to get started! Just pour the contents from your popping kits into the popper, turn your stove on medium-high & crank the wooden handle for about 3-4 minutes! Your kitchen will quickly fill with yummy smelling popcorn & you will be able to hear it pop, pop, popping! 

Once you can't crank the wooden handle anymore, or the popping has slowed down, turn your stove off & remove your popper. Pour your popcorn into a bowl & top with a seasoning of your choice, I decided on the sweet cinnamon first & wow was that a great choice! 

The popcorn turned out delicious, I really couldn't believe how much better it was than bagged/microwaved popcorn! Little Sister C had no problem gobbling some up & we saved some in a bag for when Big Brother C gets out of school, it will be a sweet surprise for him!

Yum, what is your favorite popcorn? 

Buy It: Purchase the Simply Sweet Starter Pack online from Popcorn Popper!

Win It: One lucky reader will win a Simply Sweet Starter Pack!

Use the giveaway tools form to enter, good luck!

Wednesday, October 30

Grace Adele

Since you're still in renovation mode from yesterday's post, I wanted to discuss something my family did to save money that might help you too.

Our family went on vacation for nearly 4 weeks last summer to Europe and had the time of our collective lives. Of course, it cost us a pretty penny and when we came back it was time to save a little if we ever wanted to go on vacation again! One thing I had looked forward to were the savings on our utilities.

Imagine my surprise when I found that our bills hadn't gone down much even though we weren't there! I learned after speaking with Los Angeles Plumber Morningside that it may have been my water heater that was keeping our dormant energy use high. One thing we didn't do was set our water heater to low when we were gone so it was running 24/7 keeping water we weren't going to use warm.

The solution? A tankless water heater. It uses more energy at certain points of the day because it provides hot water on demand, rather than a standby basis. For families that are always around and taking showers it may not make sense. But for anyone whose gone for long portions of the day or for trips out of town this might be a perfect solution to help reduce your bills.

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Wednesday, October 30

Grace Adele

Searching for love can be quite interesting as you get older. I’ve watched several in my group of friends and family look for love after having families and while sometimes it looks exciting and interesting, more often than not it seems intimidating. We remember our youth spent ogling our peers and mixing it up in high school and college, but time marches on and things change.

Last month my newly single sister asked me to join her out on the town and it was an experience for sure. After hitting a bar filled with 20-somethings we decided to opt for a nice restaurant instead. She confided in me her frustration and I had a suggestion for her that I was nervous to mention.

She’s a generally conservative woman and is religious as well, but when I mentioned love psychic readings she was surprisingly all ears. We found Tana Hoy online and called the following week. My sis let me sit in on the call (for moral support) and I got to hear all the details.

At the end of the day there wasn’t any single answer to solve her problems but we were able to get perspective on love and life in general. She was informed that there was a man in her near future that was a great match. She wasn’t going to know this right away but we were told it was important for her to look beyond past failures and disappointments to let opportunity take hold.

I can’t wait to meet this man whoever he is!

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Grace Adele

Within the last year I have developed a huge fetish with hand bags & purses, my collection has almost doubled & I love it! I love that I can walk into my closet & change my purse or bag out to coordinate with my outfit, from going out on a girls night to just some casual shopping, I think it's great how a purse or bag can complete your look.

That being said, I also have a minor addiction to Grace Adele, you have probably seen a few posts here before, Anna is my Independent Scentsy & Grace Adele Consultant & I've been with her for a while!

At Grace Adele you will find beautiful bags, clutches, wallets, jewelry & more, all in stylish colors & designs! Grace Adele allows you to shop, host your own party or become a consultant, either way you will have no problem falling in love with this company & what they have to offer!

Anna so kindly sent me the Heather Bag in black as well as the Britt Clutch in Ocean. Both items are available in a variety of colors like Orange, Stone even Metallic. The Heather Bag is a classic style, it makes a great day to day bag, there is a ton of room as well as zipper & snap pockets inside & a few exterior pockets as well. The large exterior pocket on the side also fits any Grace Adele Clutch, what a perfect way to dress up your Heather Bag while adding a pop of color too!

The Britt Clutch is the perfect accessory for any Grace Adele purse or bag but can also be used on it's own. Spacious on the inside & decorated with rhinestones on the outside, it even has slots for your cards & comes with a detachable strap. 

(Yes, my Mother & I are both carrying Grace Adele purses on our recent trip to California)

Browse around online at Grace Adele, do you see any items that catch your eye? I personally have my heart set on the Carly Black Leather Bag, absolutely gorgeous! Be on the look out because Anna is joining me for our upcoming holiday gift guide in November, don't miss it!

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(I was sent the items above for my review from my independent consultant Anna, all opinions are my own & no other compensation was received)

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Home Renovations That You'll Need to Save Up For

Guest Post, Home Renovations That You'll Need To Save Up For

When many of us buy properties, we pick something that isn̵.jpg7;t completely perfect in terms of decoration or space. This is because we̵.jpg7;re trying to find a place with potential that can be finished to our standards in the future. It̵.jpg7;s expensive buying a property, so this is a sacrifice that many of us will make just to get on the housing ladder.

For that reason, starting a savings fund can be pretty essential once you̵.jpg7;ve bought your house but it need not be traditionalOne of the ways to find the funds could be through peer to peer lending for savings at Zopa. You̵.jpg7;ll be able to do the renovations when you̵.jpg7;ve got enough of a budget to do sowhile helping businesses and people along the way! But what are the biggest expenses when it comes to work on your house? It completely depends on what your dream home would look like, but here are a few of the things you may need to save up for...


If other properties on your street have set the precedent, you might be looking to extend your property. Many people claim that the best way to do this is to get an architect to work with the planning officer at your local council, as it can take some of the stress away from you. Once the extension is given the green light, you̵.jpg7;ll need to get in professionals to do the job, paying both labour and material costs. Never pay the full price up front as you should check the quality of the build to make sure the job is being done properly.

Loft conversion

If you don̵.jpg7;t have the space to build into your garden, it may be the case that you want to extend upwards. Depending on the height of the roof, it could be possible to convert your loft into a useable space - perhaps another bedroom or a study. I̵.jpg7;ve seen examples where a loft space has been converted into a massive master bedroom suite with dressing rooms and an en-suite toilet; it could be perfect!

New kitchen

Your plans might not extend to these budget busting renovations, it could be that you are simply looking to replace your kitchen units instead. A cheaper way of doing this is keeping the existing cupboards but simply updating the frontage, but it can be nice to have brand new units put in. Also think about the white goods and whether these need to be adapted to fit in with your new look kitchen.

Open plan living

Finally, open plan living is worth thinking about. Older properties have very defined spaces: kitchen, living room, dining room and study. In modern times, many people choose to knock a couple of spaces together to create a more social space. Therefore you might want to knockdown a wall or two to make a kitchen-dining area, or even bring your living space closer to the action happening in the kitchen. Get an architect in to help you with this as you won̵.jpg7;t want to take down a supporting wall! It can also be beneficial to hear their advice for how you should organise the space once the walls are removed.

There are a number of online resources where you can find floor plansinterior decorating ideas and more. Always consult a professional though before undertaking any renovations.

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(The above is a sponsored post, I was compensated for my time)

EnerHealth Giveaway

Recently I had the privilege of reviewing EnerFood & Coco Mojo from EnerHealth Botanicals, a USDA Certified Organic company that sells products ranging from herbal extracts too body detox, organic soaps & more!

To read my full review online & find out more about the products I reviewed, click HERE!

EnerHealth is giving one lucky reader a chance to win a yummy prize pack consisting of 1.jpg EnerFood, 1.jpg Coconut Milk Powder & 2 Coco Mojo's! Use the giveaway tools form to enter, good luck!

Petite Lemon Review

Happy Birthday to my baby girl, today she turns big #3! I still can't believe it, she is a true blessing to my family & we all love her so much! I am so happy to celebrate her birthday with her & thanks to Petite Lemon, she is headed off to preschool this morning for a bit in her new birthday shirt!

At Petite Lemon you will find precious growth charts, posters & prints, even personalized clothing! They carry a variety of products that can be personalized from buying that special new bundle of joy onesie to birthday shirts for your children, Petite Lemon has you covered!
Petite Lemon sent me a personalized birthday shirt for my daughter, I chose the Chic Chevron girl shirt in pink. I then personalized it with her name, Caitlin & the #3, since she's turning 3 years old! Her shirt arrived nicely packaged & is perfect, I love the colors & the style! I keep all of my children's birthday shirts for keepsake & will eventually do something special with them so this will be a great addition after she out grows it!

Adorable right!? Little Sister C absolutely loves her new shirt & so did all of her friends at preschool, we've received so many compliments on it already! 

What products do you like the most from Petite Lemon? Be sure to stay connected with them on Facebook & keep your eyes peeled because they are returning in November to be featured in the holiday gift guide!

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(I received the item above for my review, all opinions are my own & no other compensation was received)

Babymoov Bebedelice Multi-Function Baby Food Processor Giveaway

Welcome to the Babymoov Multi-Function Baby Food Processor Giveaway
and graciously sponsored by Babymoov.  

How would you like to make your little one's baby food?  One machine can help you do that and so much more!  Allow us to introduce you to Babymoov's Bebedelice Multi-Function Baby Food Processor!

The Bebedelice:

  • heats and reheats bottles and small jars
  • sterilizes bottles
  • cooks fresh food without losing its vitamin content, even fish, poultry and meat!
  • blends
  • defrosts and preserves.
  • Easy to use with its 2 control buttons 
  • Stops automatically and alerts you via its 2 alarms (visual and sound)
  • Includes graduated measuring cup and a set of tongs
  • BPA-free
Mamas Baby Cupcakes had the opportunity to review the Bebedelice, 
check out Michelle's full review HERE.

The Bebedelice retails for $1.jpg1.jpg9.99, but you can purchase one for as low as $80 on Amazon.  
Just click HERE to view this great sale, I personally love the blue one!

One lucky person will win a Babymoov Bebedelice in their choice of Red or Blue! 

Open to the US and Canada.  Ends 1.jpg1.jpg/1.jpg1.jpg/1.jpg3 at 1.jpg1.jpg:59 PM EST.
Enter using the Giveaway Tools form below.  Good Luck!

Disclosure: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Prize fulfillment is solely the responsibility of Cariboo and not the participating bloggers. Giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada, age 1.jpg8 and up.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to send an email to thriftyniftymommy {at} If you're interested in having your company or products featured with a giveaway like this, please contact thriftyniftymommy{at}

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Congrats to the winners & thanks to everyone who entered!

Chicken of the Sea winner is- Natasha M
Hip Hop 50's Shop winner is-Caroline B

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Pediped Review and Giveaway

Fall has finally arrived & that means it time to break out the jackets, jeans & boots & get ready for so much needed cooler weather! Pediped footwear has always been one of my favorite brands for my childrens growing feet, from the Originals, to the Grip n Go & the Flex, they offer a variety of shoes for boys & girls starting from 0-6 months & going all the way up to youth sizes!

Pediped has been around since 2004 & not only will your children fall in love with their shoes, you will too! Every pediped footwear is made with premium grade, non-toxic materials, along with comfortable insoles & cushions, exceptional quality & different styles for every walking stage!

I was sent the Naomi Boot Black Flex for Little Sister C, these stunning quilted pattern boots feature an inside zipper as well as a bow on the outside. All natural rubber soles, the Flex Fit System allows you to adjust the fit of the shoe, perfect for fast little growing feet! Pediped shoes are also approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development, the Naomi is the perfect pair for leggings or jeans this fall!

The Flex Fit System provides additional insoles that can be inserted into your child's shoe for a snug fit & then removed for room as your child's foot grows. Pediped's Flex Fit System can help reduce shoe size by almost half a size, extending the life of the shoe & helping you save money!

I couldn't wait for my daughter to try out her new boots, I knew she would love them! From wearing them to preschool to church, she has received compliments on the Naomi since day one! 

Adorable right? What's your favorite pair of boots at pedipedIf you like pediped make sure to check out Brian James Footwear from pediped founder Angela Edgeworth, great wedges and boots for Fall Winter!  

Buy It: Purchase the girls Flex Naomi Black Boot online at pediped!

Win It:
 One lucky reader will win a pair of shoes from pediped!

Use the giveaway tools form to enter, good luck!